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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, my brother, Anthony, was a self-taught, constantly-experimenting artist, who worked in many different media, including oil paint, watercolor, and acrylics, as well as, more unusually, organics and even my old makeup.


A childhood accident left Anthony with eyes paralyzed and his eyelids limp. In order for him to see anything, he would have to lift up his eyelids with his fingers and then move his head back and forth to read.


Becoming legally blind by the age of 45, my brother found a way to keep sane. He took up painting, using a very strong magnifying glass, taking many hours to create his work, and relying on his memory of travels with the family as the inspiration for his subjects. Despite his limited eyesight, using the magnifying glass he would also try to translate what he saw in magazines onto canvas.


Anthony did not limit himself to using canvas, either. At one point, the credit card companies used to send him Braille statements, which he would paint over because he could not read them - part of his dry sense of humor!


As time passed, I was able to enroll him into an exhibiting art group so the world could see how amazing he was. “Brooklyn Street Car Art Group” became the new home for Anthony to display his work. After several exhibitions, he started to sell his paintings…in fact, he had “followers” coming to each opening just to see his latest work!


I was Anthony’s companion and biggest supporter for many years. A year before we both decided we would move to Beacon, in large part so that Anthony could live in a community that is so supportive of its artists, he got very sick with something the doctors could not understand. I was still hopeful that he would recover from this illness, when, on June 27, 2016, just as he was going to be moved to a new hospital for better treatment, he suddenly passed away. It was a very sad day for me and for the many people who knew his kind heart. He never complained about his difficulties, but always made the best of what life dealt him. He is very much missed by all his friends.


He had painted over 5,000 pieces.


Keep creating, my big brother, the Angels love you and so do I.


Your Little Sister,

Catherine E. Marra

Favorite Artist?

Norman Rockwell


Left or Right?



Coffee or Tea?



Favorite medium to work in?

Anything that will stay & stain on the canvas  


What do you think your spirit animal is?



Favorite food?

French Fries


Favorite cocktail?

Cream de Mint  


Best childhood memory?

My 1st Drum set


Favorite vacation spot?

Finger Lakes  


What cartoon character would you be?

Mister Magoo  


Favorite movie?

2001 Space Odyssey    


If you had to spend a night in jail who would you want to spend it with?

David Brubeck  


Most influential work of art?

Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel 

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