My paintings depict my experience of a world both present and past, through observation, research, and conjecture. I think about sense-memory and places in time, the effect of a vintage aesthetic on color and composition, and my appreciation of the ordinary.


Some objects I isolate, to emphasize their form; in other paintings I create an environment, real or improvised. I take photos of places and objects I like as reference. I look for images in old found photos, in ephemera like ice cream wrappers and road maps, catalogs and clippings. I may paint as I see them, or I add or remove elements to create a new perspective.


With faded colors, layered paint or sun-bleached wood, and an earnestness of expression in text and design, I find my own answers for painting what I do. I aim to imbue a picture with a sense of stillness and clarity in a way that leaves viewers with their thoughts. Painting lets me bring my objects back into the conversation, from one everyday life into another.

Meyer's Olde Dutch

184 Main Street

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