To me when you see art it is supposed to make you feel something. It is supposed to inspire an emotion. I literally can be inspired by anything and nothing at the same time. I would like people to feel impressed, excited or even surprised, that a sketch pad, a few pencils and some time can create something memorable. 

Favorite Artist?

Shin Art


Left or Right?



Coffee or Tea



Favorite medium to work in?



What do you think your spirit animal is?



Favorite food?

Yellow Rice / Beans


Favorite cocktail?

Shirley Temple w/ Lime


Best childhood memory?

Going to Disney World for the first time


Favorite vacation spot?

Ocean City, Maryland


What cartoon character would you be?

Ash Ketchum


Favorite movie?

Pirates of the Caribbean


If you had to spend a night in jail who would you want to spend it with?

Johnny Depp


Most influential work of art?

Andy Warhol's Soup Cans 

After Eden
453 Main Street

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