460 Main Street


Favorite Artist?

Tough one! I’d have to say Henry Moore’s work really sparked something in me like no one else. Discovering his work inspired me in eighth grade to want to be a sculptor. From there I studied sculpture all through high school and college where I found my passion for relief printing.


Left or Right?

Politics aside, my gut goes with right side. My right side is my strong side, my get it done side.


Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, duh.


Favorite medium to work in?

Other than carving plywood…I love working with clay, sculpting it, casting it, making thousands of tiny bricks with it…..


What do you think your spirit animal is?

Ten years ago my first tattoo was moose antlers in my lip. Moose were always so mysterious and magical to me. I was in awe of their stature; their ability to run fast and silently through the woods and their antlers are the fastest growing organ of any animal and that was inspiring. Temperament wise I’m realistically more of a manatee/ worker bee. Three answers! Don’t ask me questions about animals!!!


Favorite food?

Milkshakes and Bacon.


Favorite cocktail?

Can’t say no to a margarita… get your nasty jalapenos outta there.


Best childhood memory?

Pretty sure I’m still a kid


Favorite vacation spot?

Being in the middle of my lake (Crystal Lake) in the Adirondacks is my nirvana.


What cartoon character would you be if you could be any cartoon character?

Oh geez, prolly Michael Scott :/


Favorite movie?

The Dangerous Lives of the Alter boys is the movie I’ve seen the most. Love coming of age stories, great cast, great score; I’ll eternally be nostalgic for that one. Raising Arizona.


If you had to spend a night in jail whom would you want to spend it with?

My parents


Most influential work of art?

Duchamp’s Fountain, he did it.

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